LifeClean has Developed a Revolutionary Method for PFAS Removal

LifeClean International AB (publ) ("the Company") announces today that the Company has developed an effective method for removing PFAS substances ("PFAS") from fire-fighting foam tanks. PFAS are environmentally and health-damaging substances previously used on a large scale as an ingredient in, e.g., fire-fighting foams. The phase-out of PFAS is ongoing and global, which opens up a significant market potential for the Company. Successful customer tests of LifeClean's method have already been conducted.

The LifeClean group, under the leadership of Chairman and founder Ragnar Krefting, has researched, developed, and successfully tested a new method for PFAS removal from contaminated surfaces. The method is adapted for the best effect against PFAS and is part of a new assortment in LifeClean's product range. The new product assortment is based on the Company's patented chlorine dioxide formulation and also includes ingredients from the subsidiary Kempartner.

Test results of the LifeClean method at Södertörn's firefighting association of five fire foam tanks have shown positive results where 99.97% of PFAS substances in the tanks have been detached according to an accredited third-party laboratory. In January 2023, the LifeClean-treated tanks would otherwise have been plugged and disposed of following current environmental and waste legislation. Now, this does not need to be done after decontaminating with the LifeClean method, which means a great economic saving of public funds. The same problem exists in the rest of the world, and the Company will, in a first step, process the Nordic market and, in a second step, the rest of the EU. An investigation is underway to see if it is possible to obtain regulatory exemptions for faster sales to countries where additional authorization is required. The company estimates that approx. 75,000 fire trucks in Europe are PFAS-contaminated and in need of decontamination. The estimated revenue per fire truck is approx. SEK 60,000 +/- 20,000, depending on tank size.

PFAS are a group of chemicals with unique properties such as heat resistance and have, among other things, been an important ingredient in fire-fighting foams for firefighting at areas such as airports, ships, and defense facilities worldwide. PFAS are very resilient to degradation and are sometimes referred to as "forever chemicals". There is a high global consensus that PFAS should be phased out, even in fire-fighting foams where, among others, the carcinogenic and reproductively toxic substances PFOS and PFOA have been used.

"It is with great pleasure that we can present this news and a great day for LifeClean and the environment. These products and our method are something that benefits the Company, now and in the long term. Our customers demand solutions to problems, efficacy, and sustainability, and then there is only LifeClean; as true for surface disinfection as for decontaminating PFAS.", says Ragnar Krefting, Chairman and founder of LifeClean International AB.

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This information is information that LifeClean International AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation and the Securities Markets Act. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 08:30 CEST on November 10, 2022.

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For more information, please contact:
Ragnar Krefting, Chairman and founder, LifeClean International AB
Telephone: +46 70-885 29 20

David Johansson, Interim CEO of LifeClean International AB
Telephone: +46 70-133 13 13

About LifeClean International
LifeClean International was founded in 2012 in conjunction with a research collaboration between the Company's founders and researchers at Örebro University Hospital. The Company conducts research, production, marketing, and sales of disinfection and cleaning products. Together with leading researchers, the Company has developed a patented sporicidal, fungicidal, biofilm-cidal, bactericidal, and virucidal surface disinfection that counteracts multi-resistance and is a less dangerous disinfectant for humans and the environment. LifeClean International has a unique, patented, and more environmentally friendly chemical technology that is scalable in several application areas. The LifeClean Group includes the subsidiaries Kempartner AB and Kemibolaget Ocean AB, which develop and manufacture detergents, dishwashing, and cleaning products. The products have a high effect and a high environmental status. Kempartner is the first climate-neutral chemical producer and Ocean was the first company to offer a climate-neutral laundry detergent. The companies continue to resolutely work for a sustainable development.


LifeClean International AB (publ) publicerade idag årsredovisningen för verksamhetsåret 2022 på bolagets hemsida.


Fjärde kvartalet 1 oktober - 31 december

  • Nettoomsättningen uppgick till 10 412 (11 420) TSEK. Nettoomsättningen för moderbolagets patenterade LifeClean-produkter ökade med 54 % till 2 136 (1 388) TSEK. Den totala omsättningsminskningen på 1 MSEK härrör från våra dotterbolag Kempartner & Ocean.
  • Justerat EBITDA uppgick till -7 136 (-8 183) TSEK.
  • EBITDA uppgick till -9 197 (-8 183) TSEK.
  • Rörelseresultatet uppgick till -11 405 (-10 568) TSEK.
  • Kassaflödet från den löpande verksamheten uppgick till -4 050 (-5 604) TSEK.

LifeClean International AB (publ) ("Bolaget") informerar idag att Trust Reel LLC blir återförsäljare av Bolagets produkter i UAE med fokus på desinfektion inom djurhållning och matproduktion.


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LifeClean International AB (publ) ("Bolaget") meddelar idag att Bolaget har lämnat in en svensk patentansökan för sin metod för borttagning av PFAS-ämnen till PRV (Patent och registreringsverket).


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LifeClean International AB ("Bolaget") meddelar idag att Bolaget mottagit en order inom PFAS-sanering och den första inom energisegmentet från energibolaget St1 Refinery AB ("St1"). Ordern avser ca 37m3 LifeClean Sani för sanering av brandskumstankar på St1:s oljeraffinaderi i Göteborg.