LifeClean Disinfectant – high-level surface disinfection

What we have to offer

We know that security is essential and that time is money. We use LifeClean Disinfectant - a patented, high-level disinfectant with proven efficacy according to the current EN standard against spores, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and biofilm, without leaving residues and preventing the development of multi-resistant organisms. LifeClean Disinfectant is suitable for all types of materials and surfaces such as floors, walls, equipment and furniture with an extremely short contact of max 2 minutes. The aqueous formula contains only 0.02% of the active substance ClO2 and is more health and environmentally friendly than other disinfectant products on the market, without compromising efficiency.

LifeClean Disinfectant is available in both pre-mixed form and concentrate diluted to the desired strength by the user.

What LifeClean Disinfectant does

LifeClean Disinfectant is an all in one surface disinfection that cleans, disinfects and protects. Here is a selection of which organisms LifeClean Disinfectant protects you from:

  • Virus: Coronavirus (30 seconds), Poliovirus, winter vomiting bug
  • Bacteria: ESBL, E-coli, Listeria, Strangles, Salmonella
  • Spores: Clostridium Difficile, Bacillus Cereus
  • Mushrooms: Mold, Candidiasis
  • Parasites: Salmon lice, Coccidia Spp
  • Biofilm

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LifeClean Disinfectant

Why choose LifeClean Disinfectant

Short contact time​

LifeClean Disinfectant contributes to great financial and time savings thanks to the short contact time of max 2 minutes. LifeClean Disinfectant contact time is shorter than its drying time.

Wide spectrum​

Unlike most disinfection, LifeClean Disinfectant has a wide range of killings, eliminates biofilm, prevents the development of multi-resistance and leaves no residual products.

Proven efficiency​

LifeClean Disinfectant is routinely tested by an independent laboratory according to current EN standards. This assures our users that they have guaranteed effective protection when disinfecting with LifeClean Disinfectant.

Low concentration, but effective

Strong is not always better. Thanks to the fact that LifeClean Disinfectant is effective even in low doses, we succeed in realizing our vision of protecting people, animals and nature.


A pre-mixed disinfectant without danger symbols – LifeClean Disinfectant is easy and safe to use. The water-based formula is more health and environmentally friendly than other disinfectant products on the market.

One product, one moment. All areas, all materials.

LifeClean Disinfectant is an innovative, all in one surface disinfection that cleans, disinfectant and protects. LifeClean Disinfectant is the ideal disinfection solution.


  • Healthcare

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  • Police

  • Sea rescue

  • School and preschool

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  • Gym och SPA

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  • Restaurant

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  • Stadiums

  • Food processing

  • Public transport 


  • Agriculture

  • Stables

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  • Veterinary

  • Animal shelters