LifeClean Misty – practical and portable trigger sprayer

Misty is a rechargeable and battery-powered trigger sprayer. A practical and user-friendly sprayer that simplifies disinfection and cleaning in hard-to-reach places or when you need a more physically relieving disinfection practice. Faster and with better surface coverage compared to a traditional trigger sprayer. Ergonomic handle for increased comfort and adjustable nozzle for adjusting spray and spreading patterns.

Highly portable, the perfect spraying machine for the car or at the office. Suitable for both laymen and cleaning professionals.

Technical specification:

Areas of use Disinfection and cleaning
Tank volume 1000 ml
Spray patterns Wide Range of Misty Spray and Straight Jet Spray
Package dimensions 157 mm x 157 mm x 286 mm
Battery 2000 mAh 3.7 V
Spray mechanism Micro water pump
Battery charging Micro-USB charging cable