Environmental Policy

LifeClean International AB manufactures and markets aqueous and environmentally adaptable disinfection solutions för Healthcare, industries, and the cleaning & Facility Management industry.

We shall ensure that our products have an optimal effect with minimal environmental impact in the product lifecycle. An environmentally oriented product development shall continually be in focus and the environmental development shall antecede the requirements of environmental authorities.

We strive to reduce our consumption of oil-based raw materials and packaging as much as possible and replace them with renewable raw materials and recycled plastic. Our solutions are today the most environmentally friendly on the market for both external and internal environment and in use.

We shall act and work to take responsibility and consideration for future generations in the development of our products and packaging so that they do not affect the next generation's health and environment.

Environmentally sound and efficient production with well-trained staff shall highlight our ambitions to a continuous improvement towards sustainable development. Laws and other requirements should always be followed or exceeded.

LifeClean International's subsidiaries are certified as the world's first climate-neutral production and first climate-neutral product. This ambition also permeates LifeClean's work towards a climate-neutral production and product range. We have set the goal for the business to be climate neutral by the year 2025.

Sufficient communication with our customers regarding the environmental impact of our products will give us market advantages.