About us

Our History

LifeClean International AB is a Swedish company based in Uddevalla, founded in 2012 after a research collaboration with research from Örebro University Hospital. The goal was to produce a spore-killing agent, which resulted in LifeClean Disinfectant - a world-unique, patented spore, fungus, biofilm, bacterial and virus-killing surface disinfectant. Since its inception, we have collaborated with several research institutes and significant players in the market to drive the development of disinfectant products and infection control forward. Today, we conduct research, production, marketing and sales of our disinfectant products with the mission that helps promote marketing knowledge for global health.

Our Vision

We protect man, animals and nature. LifeClean International contributes to everyone's well-being by being a world leader in environmentally friendly high-level disinfectant solutions.

Our Values

We live by our values of relating in a way that is based on authenticity, businessmanship and long-term perspective.