Welcome, Dr. Samia Leilish!

LifeClean takes great pride in welcoming Dr. Samira Leilish to the team. Dr. Leilish will be a key player in our efforts to win strategic business in the growing markets in the Gulf area, mainly the Arab and North African countries.

Dr. Leilish has Eritrean origin but was born, grew up and completed her studies up to High School in Saudi Arabia. She later moved to Cairo in Egypt for higher education; graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at MUST University, did her internship at Al-Demerdash Teaching Hospital at Ain-Shams University and completed her Bachelor Degree of Medicine and Surgery in 2009.

She moved to Sweden in 2012 and has worked with LifeClean since last August. With her in-depth knowledge of the field and her familiarity with Arab and North African culture and language, she will be of great importance for LifeClean’s introduction on these exciting markets.

“As a doctor, I can see no better purpose in life than to save people from critical infections and disease. LifeClean has products that can save humanity from lots of suffering and pain and help control the outbreaks of untreatable diseases that keep appearing all over the world. To take an active part in the battle against infection and severe epidemics fills me with a sense of pride”, Dr. Leilish states.

We wish Dr. Leilish a warm welcome to LifeClean!

For further information and contact about LifeClean’s endeavor in the Gulf region, please contact:

Dr. Samira Leilish
Chief Medical Officer