LifeClean Products – impressive effect, yet more gentle to humans and environment

LifeClean has been proven a high-level disinfectant, eliminating bacteria, virus and spores alike. Still, it is more gentle to humans, animals and environment when compared to other disinfectants in the market.

LifeClean’s broad microbicidal effect is well proven in a range of tests. Even on very resistant organisms such as small non-enveloped viruses and bacterial spores, the product have proved efficiency with contact times as low as 1-2 minutes.

Its virucidal effect is tested according to EN 14476, and its sporicidal effect is tested according to EN 13697. This makes it an excellent choice in the combat against recurrence of difficult outbreaks such as Calicivirus (Winter Vomiting Virus) as well as the hazardous, hard to eliminate Clostridium Difficile.

In comparison with other high level disinfectants, LifeClean is less harmful to humans and the environment. Therefore, it can be recommended also for preventive use on a daily basis – not just for decontamination after severe outbreaks.

Last updated 2016-04-06



For further information on test reports, please contact:

Carl Millinger
LifeClean Chemist and Product Development Manager