Frequent hospital acquired secondary injuries in large Swedish survey

SKL, the Swedish Association of Communities and County Councils, on December 22 announced one of the largest ever investigations of secondary injuries for hospital patients, conducted in 63 major Swedish hospitals.

The news are both good and bad. On the positive side, the number of injuries leading to death or significant permanent detriment has significantly decreased since the last investigation in 2003-2004.

Still, however, almost ten per cent of the hospital patients do suffer secondary injuries that in retrospect could be avoidable. A majority of these are hospital acquired infections.

It is a fair assumption that the Swedish findings are not unusual in any way. Most likely, similar results could be found all over the world. In Sweden, a comprehensive range of evidence based measures are currently set in action in order to minimize the damages and the suffering that these injuries bring.

All the findings and the complete Swedish report can be downloaded below.