First findings & results from LifeClean AGRI

LifeClean is pleased to announce the first results of a number of carrier tests in the agricultural sector. In close collaboration with animal infection control specialist and researchers at the National Veterinary Institute in Sweden, a comparative study has been carried out according to European standards, showing great results.

After treatment with LifeClean products, there is no deductible residue left on the discs that were contaminated with bacteria. For virus, the results look promising but are not yet fully complete.

“The result so far means that LifeClean is suitable and highly effective as a disinfectant, with a log 5 reduction or more, for agricultural applications”, says Johan Bredin, responsible for LifeClean AGRI. “Also the protein residue – or normal dirt from stables – was completely gone after the tests which is really promising.”

In parallel, field studies are carried out at a number of commercial pig stables. The aim of the studies is to achieve more efficient disinfectant methods, leading to healthier animals, reduced use of medicine and higher carcass weights..


For further information, please contact:

Johan Bredin
Chief Marketing Officer

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