Clostridium difficile – the enemy within

In February 2015, the Swedish public were shocked to learn that an outbreak of a very dangerous variety of the Clostridium difficile bacteria had occurred at a hospital in southern Sweden, infecting 27 patients and killing ten of them. The situation was picked up by media, causing an intense discussion about care related infections in […]

What can be done to prevent Clostridium from spreading?

Clostridium difficile bacteria spread very easily. Despite this, infections can usually be prevented by practising good hygiene in healthcare environments, such as washing hands regularly and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces using special products with sporicidal effect, e g LifeClean. Continue reading→

First findings & results from LifeClean AGRI

LifeClean is pleased to announce the first results of a number of carrier tests in the agricultural sector. In close collaboration with animal infection control specialist and researchers at the National Veterinary Institute in Sweden, a comparative study has been carried out according to European standards, showing great results. Continue reading→

Welcome, Dr. Samia Leilish!

LifeClean takes great pride in welcoming Dr. Samira Leilish to the team. Dr. Leilish will be a key player in our efforts to win strategic business in the growing markets in the Gulf area, mainly the Arab and North African countries. Continue reading→